FlytPi Kit (Pre-loaded with FlytOS CE) – Black Friday Deal

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FlytPi Kit is a turnkey companion computer pre-loaded with FlytOS Commercial Edition for Pixhawk / Pixhawk Mini / Pixhawk2 / Cube Autopilot / DJI A3 / N3 / Matrice-100 / Matrice-600.

Simply connect FlytPi to your drone autopilot with a specially designed cable and enhance the capabilities of your drone. The kit also comes with a dedicated power module to power up FlytPi, Autopilot, and Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC) using a single drone battery. It offers a hassle-free connection with the Autopilot, thus saving time and effort in getting your drone applications built and deployed.


  • Plug & Play Companion Computer. Hassle-free connection with the Autopilot
  • Pre-loaded FlytOS Commercial Edition
  • Supports both Ardupilot and PX4
  • Pre-Installed FlytOS Sample Apps. (See description below)
  • FlytConsole – Web based GCS
  • Access to extensive drone APIs for navigation, telemetry, and payloads
  • FlytSDK for Mobile/Web applications
  • Regular performance updates and bug fixes
  • FlytSIM Simulator to test drone apps without drone hardware
  • Priority Email and Chat support from FlytBase experts

*Add-on features:

  • Instantly connect your drone to FlytBase Cloud
  • Real time access to drone navigation, telemetry and payload data over 4G/LTE
  • Integration with 3rd Party Apps
  • Cloud Simulator to test your applications


  • FlytOS Commercial Edition. (See details)
  • Raspberry Pi3 Model B (Quad-Core 1.2 GHz, 1GB RAM, Built-in Wifi Bluetooth)
  • Storage: 32GB MicroSD

Kit includes:

  • 1x Raspberry Pi3 Model B
  • 1x Plastic Enclosure
  • 1x 32GB uSD Card Class 10 with FlytOS Commercial Edition
  • 1x Attached UART-to-UART cable
  • 1x Power Module 5V 4A (Powers both FlytPi and Autopilot, provides battery out for ESCs)
  • 1x Wall Adapter (Micro-USB)
  • 1x HDMI Cable
  • 1x Ethernet Cable

* To get add-on features contact


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Users find value in FlytPi Kit:


Several built-in functions and apps complete the user experience and provide a solid foundation to for your own applications.

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Pixhawk, Pixhawk Mini, Pixhawk2, Cube Autopilot, A3, N3, Matrice 100


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